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"Without Excuse"

Oil on canvas, 36” x 42”
Jeff Muhs 2015

"The Mark of Cain"

Oil on canvas, 36” x 42”
Jeff Muhs 2016

"The Promise of Fruit"

Oil on canvas, 38” x 45”
Jeff Muhs 2020

"Bloom and Grace"

Oil on canvas, 52” x 60”
Jeff Muhs 2020

"Goodbye Blue Sky"

Oil on canvas, 27” x 32”
Jeff Muhs 2021

"Oil and Gold"

Oil and Gold on Canvas, 27” x 32”
Jeff Muhs 2023


Oil on Panel, 15.5” x 18”
Jeff Muhs, 2023

"Jamais Vu"

Oil on canvas, 52” x 60”
Jeff Muhs 2023

About the Artist

SEP 15th

Jeff Muhs

“My inspiration is this area. It’s known for its beauty and its quality and its light; we’re surrounded by water. From earlier paintings or a certain type of painting that I did – which is like a landscape painting – to these most abstract paintings, the subject is always the same: light, color, space. I think of it , this is the same as landscape painting, just distilled and rearranged , but the subject is really still the same”

Jeff Muhs was born in 1966 in Southampton, New York, to a family steeped in nature. His paintings started out as seascapes, his surrounding environment and how his surroundings interacted with light. Over time, these literal forms began to show their abstract souls, capturing the beauty and force of nature as he sees it.

The Gallery

Located in Chicago’s West Loop, Takohl is a custom jewelry studio and art gallery that’s dedicated to creating and presenting treasures that inspire and connect people.

At the gallery, we exhibit extraordinary fine artists who are creating work that challenge our perspectives on the observable and the spiritual plane. Join us for an opening night featuring new and established artists or come in to view our latest exhibition.

We also offer art consultation services using our network of local and international artists to assist clients and interior designers in finding the pieces that will electrify your space and soothe your soul.

About Takohl

Tammy Kohl has a BFA in fine art with a concentration in Sculpture and a minor in Art History.  This led her to starting Takohl – A Gallery of Exceptional Jewels – in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop in 1987. 

Takohl Gallery opened in 2000 so Tammy could expand on her passions and feature the art and artists that were to meaningful to her.  Over the past 23 years Takohl has featured over 60 artists in a variety of mediums all while being Chicago’s premier custom jeweler.

I am committed to surrounding my clients in meaningfulness and beauty. Connecting our clients with intriguing pieces for their home and inventive jewels that reflect their personality and sense of style is what I live for.”

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